Emotional Responses

In the reading from the Acts of the Apostles, we hear that the people hurried with amazement to be near Peter and John and the man they cured.

The Gospel reports that the disciples of Jesus were terrified, startled, incredulous for joy, and troubled at the appearance of Jesus in their midst.

None of these emotional responses are surprising to us. I am sure that had we been present, we would have experienced the same kind of emotional responses.

The question that the readings posed for me today is simply, “What is my emotional response to the miracle that happens around me?” For the Eucharist is such a miracle. When we receive the Eucharist in our hands and when it touches our lips, we, like the disciples are touching the Lord, even touching his wounds.

However, we all know that when something becomes routine, our emotional response is oftentimes not what we read of in the Scriptures today. Perhaps we could even describe our emotional reaction as somewhat dulled.

The people who surrounded Peter, John and the cured man, as well as the disciples who were present when Jesus appeared among them were instructed to become witnesses to the power of the Resurrection, and thus called to carry on the same work that Jesus did in his earthly ministry. The reality is that we too have been so instructed and so called. As we receive the Eucharist today, let us allow Jesus to excite us about the task that we have been given and the life we have been called to lead.

Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M., Administrator


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