The Finger of God

The Finger of God

If it is by the finger of God that I drive out demons, then the Kingdom of God has come upon you (Luke 11:20).

First, I have to admit that I got the idea for today’s blog posting from someone else.  Another friar has been posting reflections on the readings, a project that he has gotten his parishioners to engage in during this Lenten Season.  Today’s reflection asks whether we are aware of when the “hand” of God is present in our lives.  I have been thinking of that ever since I read the question.

To be sure, God is active in my life.  However, I readily admit that I am not usually aware of it until sometime later.   Only upon reflection during some quiet time does it become evident to me that God has touched my life and directed my path.  Because God speaks in a “whispering breeze” rather than in earthquakes and tempests, God’s voice can be easily overlooked or missed all together.  Only by spending quite time reflecting on God’s presence does it become clear that I am not alone in this world.  God is as near to me as my shadow.

I have told the story of my vocation to the priesthood, my vocation to religious life, and how I became involved in CUSA many different times.  In each instance, I have come to see that God used someone in my life to make His will known to me.  As I look back on the sixty-seven years that I have inhabited this earth, I cannot help but be aware of the fact that my faith in God and in the providential care of God is the rudder that keeps my boat afloat and headed in the right direction.  Each of us seeks a safe harbor at the end of our journey.  Steering for that harbor is done be the “hand” or “finger” of God.  Left to our own devices, we would surely flounder or run aground. 

The Kingdom of God is upon us.  Let those who have eyes to see, see; let those who have ears to hear, hear.

Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M., Administrator

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