Christ is born for us, come let us adore him! Alleluia!

Brother Ed, OFM

Christ is born for us, come let us adore him! Alleluia!

January 9, 2020


Christmas Season 2020
Christ is born for us, come let us adore him! Alleluia!

Dear Friends, 

Pray always! This Sunday we will end the Christmas season, with the solemnity of the Baptism of our Lord!  The Christmas season is one that we need to continue to hold on to during the whole year. Jesus asks us over and over again to be kind, loving and understanding. He also wants us to be the same for ourselves. 

How do you treat yourself when times are good, but moreover, how do you treat yourself when things are not so good. When your sickness or ailment gets the best of you, how do you cope? My suggestion is this, try your best to see your suffering as a way to help others understand that it is in our pain that we can be strong! That is our suffering there is a great joy, we are the example to others as Christ is to us!

I find myself sometimes looking within myself and totally thanking God for some of my problems because I know down deep Jesus is walking with me when I feel sad, pain or loss. It gives me a time to reflect on all the wonderful people I know in my life who never stop praying for me especially when I sometimes become selfish and forget to pray for those who have walked with me in my suffering.

During this new year, I want to become a better person of faith, hope, and love for others, especially with my lack of patience I have for others and patience with myself. Let us all pray for each other, and look to Jesus and the saints for our interior strength.

News: If you get the chance to watch the movie Two Pope's it will be worth your time. Father Lawerance, OFM, Father Michael OFM, Father Larry, OFM and I watched it last week over pizza and soda! It was a great film. It shows how we all can become the best of friends, especially when we don't see eye to eye!   

Peace and all good,
Brother Ed, OFM
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