The Rock upon Which We Rest

Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M., Administrator

During the past year, the Oprah Winfrey show ceased production after many years of airing over the television airways. Though that show is no longer being broadcast, there are several "spin-offs" which are still with us. If you are a fan of these kinds of shows, you can find a media celebrity to advise you about your finances, your physical health, your mental or psychological health, and even the decorating of your home. They are celebrated as gurus in our culture; their advice is almost regarded as inspired teaching in their respective fields.

Christians have a much better source of inspiration; yet if they make it known that they find all the inspiration they need in the Word of God, they are often belittled or treated as some sort of delusional character. While the Scriptures do not present us with a solution for every dilemma nor do they address every situation that we encounter in 21st Century life, they do present us with one truth that can help us through almost every difficulty; namely, the undying and unconditional love of God.

In St. Paul's First Letter to Timothy, we are reminded that God's love is even powerful enough to rescue abject sinners, as St. Paul calls himself. Indeed, one of the characteristics that we find present in most of the saints is the notion that they are great sinners. There is no need to dispute this here. It is their evaluation of the situation. In St. Paul's case, he has referred to his situation time and time again. In this admission, St. Paul points out an important truth that applies to us all: God is our rock, our foundation. God is someone in whom we can place our confidence. Long after all the celebrity gurus have run out of advice to dispense, the rock of our salvation will still be upholding us and blessing us with grace.

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