Jesus, bring us your light!

A new year is here!


Christ our light, come let us adore him!

After Sun down the Church will begin today the holy season of ADVENT. Advent is a time for waiting, for watching and for being ready to meet the Lord when he comes!

Today as we all move toward the Christmas story being retold and retold, as the WISE people in search of the Christ Child in the poor, the needy, the inflicted, the sick. During this time let us begin a new and become the light for others, the light of hope when we feel sad and not able to do the things we could do once upon a time ago. Let us be the light of justice that will dawn and a new day will begin! Let us become the hope for all those in need by your good works, words, prayers, letters and voices for those who have none. You will be bringing the gifts of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh in many new ways, but in all that you do and say, you are bringing them to the Christ child in each person you meet and write. 

During this Advent season make your light truly shine within you for others so that others may see your good works and may each of you give thanks and praise to the Father in heaven for giving you this blessing for others today.

May God be praise for giving us the opportunity to bring the ADVENT light to others in the form of peace, prayer and letters of hope. Amen.

Jesus, bring us your light!

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